Bodyfillers and Putties

LIGHTWEIGHT BODYFILLERS- A high-quality thixotropic two-pack polyester putty formulated for filling dents and surface flaws of car bodies. Ideal for steel, aluminium and galvanised surfaces.

STOPPER FINE- a cost effective two pack filler to be used just prior to the final colour application. Will cover small flaws and pin holes in body work.

FIBRE PUTTY- A multi purpose patching and repair filler, ideal for bridging holes in steel surfaces and fibreglass panels.

RESIN & MATTING- Reinforcing Resin is a general purpose polyester resin ideal for use in the home, workshop, garage, factory etc to repair fibre glass products, sealing cracks, leaks and holes in gutter roofs and drains.

SPOT PUTTY- s a fast air drying nitrocellulose putty which will cover small flaws in body work such as hail damage. Spot Putty is available in black and grey and is ready for use, but may be thinned with lacquer thinners if required.

1K FILLER- A general purpose finely textured polyester bodyfiller suitable for steel substrates.