NC PRIMER- Nitrocellulose based Primer which is quick drying.

1K FILLER PRIMER-A one pack, spot repair primer with good adhesion to steel for use, fast curing, and anti-corrosive properties. This is NOT an etch primer. It has been developed for overcoating with polyester base coats.

1K ETCH FILLER PRIMER-A one pack, etch filler primer for use on aluminum and galvanized steel surfaces. No additional priming necessary. Can also be used on steel Not recommended to overcoat with basecoat.

2K ETCH FILLER PRIMER- High-build two-pack acid etch primer surfacer for car refinishing and new body work. Provides etching to bare metal at the same time reasonable build.

2K 4:1 M.S PRIMER- High-build two-pack primer surfacer for car refinishing and new bodywork. Filler can be tinted to improve opacity of the top coat. Provides an ideal substrate for all car refinish.